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These are the stories of those who call Sanctuary Church their home. It’s the story of why they came and how Sanctuary Church has impacted their life. It’s the story of how the Church loves one another and encourages one another. It’s the story of what makes us Sanctuary Church.

Our Sanctuary Stories

“Our family came to Sanctuary church through our daughter’s teacher. But God was drawing us all along We have the same mission to win souls for the Kingdom  of heaven, We Love this city! We Love how our kids are learning so much & also how they’re invited to do communion with us as well. We’re truly stepping out in faith in this season & excited to see how God will use us here for His Honor and Glory.”

“I remember one of the major reasons I fell In Love with this Church was because of their love for Jesus and their love for the community. They helped me when I was down gave me a job cleaning the churwhen I needed money. They genuinely show Christ’s love through their actions. They have impacted my life with their love and continue to help me stay on track and want to help serve my community.”

“I chose to be in Sanctuary because of the seniors who has warm and friendly. It’s nice to have friends and people who accepts me in your church.”

15 years ago, the Lord directed me to the Sanctuary church and I took right away to the Pastor Lori and Alton, who previously pastored Sanctuary Church.  I met some very friendly people who greeted me with such love. One of the ladies in the church visited me and called me. Within 6 months of joining,  my younger sister passed away and I wanted to go to Chicago but could not afford it.  Sanctuary Church blessed me with the funds to be able to go.  A year later to the date, my daughter (who was a twin)  was murdered in a Domestic Violence situation and my grandchildren were left without a mom.  The Sanctuary church and the Pastors rallied around me and my family in ways I can’t even begin to mention, they supported me emotionally, spiritually and with their prayers.  I found myself surrounded with family, loving and caring.  They walked and assisted me, my children and grandchildren as we walked through the horror of our loss.   I have tears of gratefulness in my eyes when I think of all that was done for me and my family. The Lord knew what He was doing when he brought me to Sanctuary Church.  Now, I continue to serve with the same congregation and with our current pastors.  It just keeps getting better!

“I was at a place in my life where I didn’t want to serve anymore and truthfully was done with fake Christianity. I was looking for something real. When I started to go to Sanctuary Church, I experienced real people again, that truly represented the love of Christ. I was accepted and loved and God allowed my heart to heal and trust again.”

“I had been praying about what church to go to, and the Lord kept bringing Sanctuary church to my mind,  I’m very happy here, wonderful people, love the women’s bible study!”

“We followed our family to the Sanctuary and fell in love with our new church home. To my family, it is so important to feel the love of the church. [Sanctuary Church] show their love, it is moving to walk into church on Sunday and feel the love from our worship team and from our pastors and family there greeting one anther and just saying hello! A simple and show of concern/love goes miles! I love my church family I know in my soul we will be the church God calls us to be!

Sanctuary Church as been my family since I was 10 years old. This church has shown me what real family is and feels like. The amount of love this church has impacted my family is something that I am beyond grateful for. My mom and I were walking our neighbor and we saw a sign posted, so we went that Sunday and felt so much love and we knew this was our church. Going in to the future it was 2013 and that’s when I gave my life to Christ and got baptized with my mom. I now have the opportunity to teach in children’s ministry and am a part of the worship team.. My life has been impacted so much because God pointed my mom and I to this church.


What Is Your Story?