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The Prayer Initiative invites you to grow in your discipline of prayer.  We invite you to join us as we pray together and in your own personal times of prayer. The Prayer Initiative encourages you to engage in prayer in the following ways listed below.

NEED PRAYER?  Email us your request at info@tsvv.org and we will add you to our prayer list and connect with you to pray with you. You can also call our church at 707.446.4406 to speak with someone.


ONE PRAYER CAMPAIGN is a prayer initiative that is inviting you to pray over 1 thing in 4 different areas. You are committing to praying for each of these 4 things daily during your time of prayer. Grab a card at church, or write down what you are praying for somewhere where you can see it daily.

  • ONE PERSON I AM PRAYING FOR. Who is God leading me to pray for? What Neighbor, friend or extended family member? How is God leading me to love them?
  • ONE SITUATION I AM PRAYING FOR. What area of my life should I put before the Lord? This isn’t an ‘impossible’ need, but one that would be what God is asking your to focus on in this season.
  • ONE THING I AM BELIEVING FOR. What is one thing I am believing for IN FAITH that might otherwise seem impossible unless God does something? It can be for you or someone else.
  • ONE PRAYER TIME I AM COMMITTING TO. Where am I committing to prayer with other believers a a part of section church? See list below on different ways you can commit to pray.


  • 3/15 Model – Pray for 15 minutes 3 times a day (even start with 10!)
  • Prayer with a partner – find accountability to pray with someone else
  • Read a prayer devotional that helps you pray over specific things
  • Keep a prayer list and a prayer journal this helps to be attentive, & not passive 
  • Set a timer on your watch to remind you to pray


  • Sunday Morning Prayer. Each Sunday morning we pray together as a church at 9:30 am.
  • Tuesday Prayer. Every Tuesday, we pray at 7 am, 12 pm, and 6 pm for our church, our missionaries, our families, our community, and nation.
  • Worship Nights. On the 4th Thursday of each month, we host nights for people to come together and worship.
  • Prayer and Fasting.  Twice a year we invite the church to pray and fast together for our nation, community, church and families.


Plan How You Pray.  Here Are Some Ideas: