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Each of us has a unique journey of what brought us to Jesus.  Each of us has a story of how following Him has impacted our lives.

Over the next few weeks leading up to Easter 2020 we will be going through the “Red Letter Challenge.”  During this time, I invite your “Jesus Story.”  What brought you to Him?  How has he Changed your life?  We want to hear your Story!

I want to invite you to share your Jesus Story.  Here are some ways you can:’

1. Email us with a story of how Jesus has impacted you, 

2. Share on Social Media your ‘Jesus Story.”  You can post it to your timeline or to the Church’s timeline.

3. Share with a friend your ‘Jesus Story.’  share with them how God has impacted your life.

As we collect the stories, we will share them on this page!

What is your JESUS STORY?