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Kingdom Builders is the missions giving and benevolence arm of Sanctuary Church.

Matthew 9:35 states “Jesus was going through all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every kind of disease and every kind of sickness.”  Jesus brought redemption and compassion with him wherever he went.  The church is called to bring compassion and redemption wherever we go, just like Jesus.-Kingdom Builders focus is both meeting local needs and having a global reach through missions.  It’s purpose is to bring compassion and redemption to our local ministry and to missions through our financial giving.

We live as Kingdom Builders by loving like Jesus.  This means we support missions and have a heart for the lost.  This means we love like Jesus displaying compassion, meeting needs, sharing Jesus and modeling the fruits of the Spirit in our lives on a consistent basis.  This means we live by faith in our lives, striving to pursue God’s will.  This means giving faithfully as believers both in tithing and missions giving, knowing God meets our needs and that our giving helps build God’s Kingdom.

– Through Kingdom Builders, you can support missions  and local ministries through your financial giving.

– Through Kingdom Builders, your giving allows our church to help families in our church and community when unexpected tragedy and difficult situations arise.

– Through Kingdom Builders, Sanctuary Church will be able to make an eternal impact both locally and globally.

Want to support Kingdom Builders?  You can here!

You can also donate by phone. Text your donation amount and the word ‘missions’ to 84321. There’s a one-time set-up process, and afterwards that’s always an option.

Thank you for supporting Kingdom Builders!


(Click on name to read more about each ministry and missionary we support)

MARK AND SARAH BROWN – Philippines – $50

GLOBAL PASSION – Youth Missions – $50

CONVOY OF HOPE – Relief Aid -$25

TEEN CHALLENGE – Recovery Ministry – $25

WILL AND JEN KLIER – Chi Alpha – UC Davis – $50



OTIS AMEY – Fellowship of Christian Athletes  – $25

SHANE AND MARTY COUCH – Missionaries to Ministers  – $25

ALTON & LORI FINDLAYTOR – Heart for All Nations – $50

ALPHA CLINICS – Pregnancy Center – $25

JERAD & AMANDA MACAULEY – Macs in Africa – $50


(Some Missionaries we support are not listed due to the sensitive nature of their area of ministry)