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The focus of Tiny Heartbeat Ministries is to partner with and provide resources for families in need, going through difficult life situations and care for families dealing with loss.

We look to provide support for families dealing with the reality of infertility and the pain of miscarriage. We will soon launch and partner support groups to help families grieving and struggling.

Tiny Heartbeat also is launching a community closet in partnership with Sanctuary Church’s LOVE VACAVILLE. This community closet will house various needs for families looking for things such as food, diapers, wipes, and many of supplies that may be needed.


Tiny Heartbeat started out of dream God has bloomed from a place of brokenness. 

Honestly though, parts of it have been there a while.

For me, it grew as I saw my pastor, in the church I grew up in, buy a yellow truck and turn it in to a mobile kids ministry so many years ago, a ministry I loved being a part of and still goes on. It grew as I helped a pastor work on a field so that the church could bless a community in multiple ways who had a history marked by deep tragedy.  It grew even more as I oversaw the turkey truck filled with hundreds of turkeys as part of a pastor’s vision to give thanksgiving boxes to hundreds of families in need.  It grew as I worked with a camp that ministered to foster kids, some so broken, it left us in tears.

For Heather, it grew as she worked with kids.  It grew as she studied to teach and continued to grow as God called her to ministry, specifically kids ministry.  It continued to grow as she ministered to so many kids with special needs, giving them a safe space to worship Jesus.  It grew even more when she led a camp that ministered to foster kids. (The very camp I asked her about over Facebook Messenger, just so I could start talking to her, but that’s another story.) It grew as she began to teach and work with kids day in and day out in local school district.

It grew as our families taught us to love others, pray for others, and care for one another.  They modeled this to us so well.

In the last couple of years, it has blossomed from a place of brokenness.  Brokenness born out of loss and pain:  Pain of infertility, pain of miscarriage, pain from sadness.   

It began however, in the words of Jesus when He taught the church to love the least of these, the poor, the broken and the hurting.  I think He says it best in Matthew 25:40 ‘Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.’  Jesus taught us, when we care for the broken, it is as if we are caring for Him.  It’s a core value of following Jesus.

In the soil of this brokenness God has been blooming a desire to minister to others, to Love Vacaville.


Tiny Heartbeat is a ministry Heather and I are starting through which we hope to ministry to families struggling with infertility and dealing with the pain of miscarriage.  While many kindly donated money to help us with IVF, none of us realized we were investing in a ministry that would be launched out of the brokenness of these things.  

The name ‘Tiny Heartbeat’ comes from the 8 seconds of audio we have of Baby Tutt Tutt’s heartbeat we captured shortly after a car accident and shortly before we miscarriage.  It is a visual image of the baby’s heartbeat, a tiny heartbeat that reminds us that we became mom and dad, and that a very loved little life was given to us by God. 

While THB is in its infancy (pun intended) we know it will grow and God will use it to allow us to care for and love others.

To be honest, all this is so new and we are only beginning to see where it will go.  While we don’t know where this will go, but we know where it will start.  In a 10×20 storage unit that we hope to fill with supplies for families in need, supplies for single moms needing diapers and baby wipes, and supplies for foster parents who just got the call and can’t run to the store to get a blanket or a bed sheet.  We know where it’s starting, even if we don’t know yet where God will take it and we can’t be more excited.

Tiny Heartbeat Ministries (THB) was born out of a loss suffered by Pastors Scott and Heather Tuttle through the misscariage of their 8 week old baby, affectionaly known as “Baby Tutt Tutt.” Through THB, Scott and Heather seek to bring encouragement, bring hope and provide resources to families going through tramatic life situations.

*The heartbeat seen in the background image is the actual heartbeat of Baby Tutt Tutt at 8 weeks old.