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At Sanctuary Church, we want to see you grow in your faith, your prayer life and your understanding of Scripture. Here are ways you can grow and resources to help you!


Join us for one of our Groups!  Find a list of ongoing and seasonal bible studies you can be a part of by selecting the image

Family Night

Join us for Family Night!  Dinner at 6 pm, then we jump in to groups for kids, you& adults from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. Join us!

Prayer Initiative

The Prayer Initiative invites you to grow in your discipline of prayer.  We invite you to join us as we pray together and in your own personal times of prayer.

Bible Engagement

Bible Engagement is how we are encourage Sanctuary Church to grow in reading, engaging and understanding Scripture. Below are some ways you can engage the Bible.


Find various resources to help you grow in your faith! Resources for prayer, bible study, and more. Resource list is also available from the drop down menu under the ‘GROW’ tab.

Messages and Media

Miss a message? Want to listen to a series that you haven’t heard before or want to hear again? Click the image to find the list of previous messages